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Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers have been providing successful and effective medically supervised weight loss programs for over 39 years. Our proven, safe, and effective approach to weight loss includes:

Medical Supervision

What every weight loss program should begin with – the care and knowledge of our Center Physician, nurse and counselors. You are under the care and guidance of a physician and staff that understands the challenges and frustrations of weight loss. They bring their own personal weight loss experiences and a lifelong dedication and passion in health and fitness to give each patient the tools for losing and keeping the weight off.

Proprietary Fat Burning and Appetite Suppressants

Our proprietary line of advanced fat burning 24hour thermogenic bars and shakes are formulated with special ingredients that help increase metabolism, burn fat, and control appetite. We offer proven, safe, and effective medications to give you that extra help with appetite, cravings, increased metabolism, or late-night hunger, without the unwanted side effects.

Not Just a Diet

We give you not just a diet, but the information and support to learn how to choose healthy and satisfying meals and foods to lose weight and maintain weight loss. Everything we suggest is simple, has lots of variety, includes all food groups, and is nutritionally balanced. There are no indexes, carbs, calories, or points to count. Knowing the real demands of a busy lifestyle we give you suggestions for eating out, social and business events, vacations, and holidays with the family.

Support and Accountability

Our licensed and friendly counselors staff give you the encouragement, support, and guidance to help you stay on track, or get back on track, and reach your weight loss goals. You are seen privately a minimum of twice a week.

We have helped thousands reach their personal weight loss goals and we sincerely look forward to helping you!

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