Laser Lipo Body Contouring

Laser Lipo Body Contouring System

Looking to lose inches and achieve body contouring without any pain, needles or down time? Our LipoGenics® Laser Body Contouring System allows you to do just that

 Rediscover the Real You!

The LipoGenics® Laser Body Contouring System was designed to specifically address spot fat reduction or inch-loss, and body contouring and can be used on almost any area of the body including the waistline, arms, legs, back and chin. Using advances in laser science, this technology can target fat cells and shrink them with no pain, no surgery and no downtime. In relaxing 20-30-minute treatments you can now lose inches and feel great!

Simply decide which area of your body needs contouring and then we will target the fat reduction in those specific areas.

 Immediate Results

Results can be seen immediately after treatment. Potentially up to a ¼ inch – 1 ½ inch loss in abdomen circumference can be achieved each time a patient uses LipoGenics.*

A course of 9 treatments is recommended over 3 weeks with three treatments per week. Best Results are achieved by combining LipoGenics™ with a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Center of Lakewood program and regular exercise.

Answers to LipoGenics Questions:

 Is LipoGenics Safe?

Absolutely, Lipogenics treatments are completely non-invasive and patients experience no pain the low-level laser technology has been studied and used for over 30 years for several biomedical purposes including wound healing, pain relief and the treatment of inflammation.

What can I expect during a treatment?

Clients relax in a comfortable position while a certified Lipogenics technician secures the multi-diode paddles and smaller EN probes to the target area(s) for 10 minute per placement. Clients are free to relax read or listen to music.

How quickly will I see results?

Most clients will see measurable results after their first treatment. However, a standard treatment protocol consists of three, 20-minute treatment sessions every week for 3 weeks. Best results are achieved when Lipogenics clients do cardio exercise after their treatments.

Why is water such a vital part of my treatment?

Without the extra water it will be more difficult for your body to eliminate the contents released from the treatment. Give your body the help it needs to carry away the toxins and other substances released by the body that were stored in the fat cells.

Why do I need to exercise?

Exercising is important to increase fluid movement throughout the body so that the newly released components can be burned as an energy source. After each treatment, participate in physical activity in addition to your daily routine.

Note: Even a small increase in activity, such as an afternoon walk will improve your end results.

When Should I eat or drink prior to my treatment?

It is important to not eat or drink any food or beverage 2 hrs. before treatment. In addition, no food or caloric beverages should be ingested for 2 hours following treatments – drink plenty of water, however. Being the goal is to have the Lipogenics affect existing fat content as well as have the body process the fats that get released, any new caloric intake will simply reduce the effectiveness of this process. Allowing the body to burn the released fats will work towards gaining optimum results from treatments.

*Individual results may vary

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