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Comprehensive Weight Loss Programs

How it works – Weight loss plans for everyone…

Phase 1: Rapid Results = Motivation for More

This phase is all about food! What to eat, how often to eat, and what foods to eat together.

Phase 2: Stabilize Your Weight = Support Your Change

In this phase, our counselors recommend adding foods back in to increase your daily calories and stabilize your weight.

Phase 3: Maintain Your Goals = Long term Permanent Weight Loss Success

We know maintaining your goal weight is a journey. We continue to support you after your stabilization. If you begin to regain weight, we will get you back on track immediately.

Not All Diets Are For Everyone

At Physicians Weight Loss Center of Lakewood we ensure that your weight loss plan meets your personal, medical, and lifestyle needs. We begin with a no obligation initial consultation. This includes a detailed body composition analysis and weight loss analysis, review of your medical history and an understanding your goals.

We get to know you while learning about your interests, the foods you prefer, and those you dislike. Then we customize a plan to fit your lifestyle and tailor it for your specific needs.

Physicians Weight Loss Center offers six Comprehensive Weight Loss Programs:

The HCG Diet – This program is adapted from our original Ketogenic diet. Preventing hunger and providing high energy, it is designed for aggressive weight loss.

Thermogenic LCD 1000 – Designed to achieve weight loss through dietary thermogenesis, this program utilizes a special selection of effective fat burning, appetite suppressing foods.

PhysiciansFAST® MRP – Utilizing low carbohydrate and high protein meal replacements, this program contains fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients that help with calorie and portion control.

Low Fat High Energy Diets

  • LFHE 900. This program is low in fat and designed to provide high energy. it is a nutritionally balanced diet with reduced calories to maximize weight loss.
  • LFHE 1000. This program is designed for steady, effective weight loss. The low fat, low calorie diet allows for flexibility in meal planning to provide a little more variety.
  • LFHE 1500. Incorporating a nutritionally balanced diet, this program provides a wide array of meal options and is designed to support a physically active lifestyle.

Contact us now with any questions you have, and to schedule your consultation so we can get you started on your weight loss journey.

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